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Hockey Camps & Clinics

All of the Greg Carter European Hockey Training Camps focus on individual skill development (ISD) to help students become more complete players. Through our unique drills, students will improve their control, agility, reflex, technique, edge, and muscle retention skills. Our ISD approach enables our students to learn each skill in a controlled environment and then apply speed and game situations to complete the lessons.

June 22nd through June 26th, 2020

Total Skills Development Full Day Camp  -  9:00am - 3:50pm

Total Skills Development 1/2 Day Camp - 9:00am - 11:50am


We teach fundamentals of skating, stick handling, and shooting, and we teach in a way that builds confidence and leads to continuous improvement. Simply put, at our hockey camps and hockey clinics we offer you the most on-ice instruction with the best results


Our hockey camps educate all students on the importance of body control. We have designed a sequence of drills to help them understand and enhance body movements to improve their overall balance and body posture.


Our unique training methods focus on quick lateral movements and foot work. With proper body control and weight distribution, students will develop evasive techniques, making them more effective hockey players.


Hockey is a read and react game. Reflexes and split second decisions affect the game. Increasing your hockey skills (skating, stick handling, shooting, checking and edge control) helps to improve all aspects of the game. Through the CARTER METHOD we raise the level of play and quicken your reflexes.


We teach and improve hockey techniques under controlled situations and through repetition. We then incorporate speed once the proper techniques have been mastered.


Edges are challenged and enhanced throughout the week using control and over speed drills. Edges are incorporated into the skating stride through Power Skating and Dynamic Skating.

The Chicago 3 Day Skills Camp is an all ages skills development camp. Goalies will be grouped by age/skill level and will cycle through a variety of stations that will challenge and build individual aspects of the goalies skill set.
We’ll focus on save selection, power skating, puck handling, game awareness and developing great game time habits

June 18th through June 20th, 2020

June 18th                 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

June 19th & 20th      - 10:00am  to 12:00pm &
                                   1:30pm  to  3:30pm


Our goal is to give each student the best possible training and advice available. We start with our top notch instruction staff that is second to none and then group each student by age and skill level, allowing them to push each other within individual groups. Our staff uses innovative drills at each station to challenge every student to apply their skill sets and ice awareness at the highest levels. Our staff is comprised of Pro, College, Major Junior and Junior players that have all been taught personally by Bandits for many years.

At Bandits we not only teach you the necessary mechanical skills, but also how to apply these skills to their full potential in game situations. Our superior year-round training emphasizes six key skills to make every goalie become a true student of the game. Once these skills are mastered, you will leave shooters shaking their heads.


- Skating & Agility

- Shoulders Down , Setting for the Shot

- Feet Loaded & Ready to Move

- Challenge the Shooter

- Analyzing the Rush

- Active Hands & Rebound Control