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Public Skating

Responsibility Code

Ice skating can be enjoyed regardless of the level of your skill, however, there can be elements of risk in ice skating.  Use common sense, show courtesy to others and anticipate dangerous situations before they arise.  The following guidelines are some basic elements of common sense and courtesy:

  • No skater will be allowed on the ice without the proper waiver wristband.
  • While on the ice, keep moving.  Do not stop where you may obstruct other skaters.  Don’t skate in groups (or chains).
  • People ahead of you have the right of way.  It is your responsibility to avoid hitting or disrupting them.
  • No sliding, speeding, shoving, weaving, backward skating or  roughness.
  • No sticks, pucks, balls or any type of objects are to be brought on the ice.
  • No throwing snow, balls, candy or any other items on the ice or at any patrons that are in the ice arena area.
  • No figure skating jumps, spins, or other moves are to be performed on the public skate ice.
  • Keep exits clear!  Before getting on the ice, look for oncoming skaters.
  • Don’t sit on the dasher boards or players benches.  If you need a break, come off the ice through the entrance door that you entered the ice on.
  • Don’t carry children or other items while skating.
  • No eating, drinking or using cell phones ( that means no texting either).
  • Exit the ice and  stay completely off the ice when resurfacing (zamboni) is in progress.
  • You are not permitted to go on the ice without skates!  Do not wear skates in the stands or  walk on the cement areas with skates on.
  • Report any hazards to the skate guards or front desk.
  • Respect the ice and other skaters.  Users of foul language will be asked to leave with NO REFUNDS.
  • The skate guards and Addison Ice cannot guarantee you your safety and will not protect you from injury.  Failure to use good judgment, skate responsibly or follow this responsibility code will result in the loss of skating privileges.